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* Use the Context The benefit of guessing meaning from context is that we can keep reading and get an overview of the text content, but the downside is that we may guess wrongly and actually misunderstand what the writer is saying. Reduce the’wrong guess’ risk by writing down all guessed word meanings. * New Words Notebook A simple indexed notebook with the letters of the English alphabet down the side of the pages is ideal for this. When a new word is encountered use the first letter of the word to locate a notebook page and draw a pencil line from top to page bottom about 1/3 of the way in as required by the Cornell Notes format. In this case there is no need for a top or bottom section for your new words notes. Write the new word in the left-side column (yellow). Write the guessed meaning on the same line on the right (green) and then continue your reading. * Study Time Work At a suitable point during your study time you need to check all the new words’ meaning in a dictionary and add any important additional information the dictionary offers into your new words notebook. You may add the correct pronunciation, the main syllable stress, and perhaps the word derivation. п»ї

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Use the Cornell Method to imprint the newly confirmed word meaning into your memory. * Reinforce Your Basic Vocab Academic study for non-native speakers of English studying abroad can be very demanding so knowing how to write my essay relax is really important. A simple way to relax and reinforce your basic English vocabulary at the same time is to read fast-moving novels. These use common English words in relatively simple and recognised contexts so you don’t need to be frequently checking word meaning from a dictionary. From the perspective of an ESL tutor I recommend some light reading every day to break your academic thinking and’rest your brain’. Check out the easy-to-read books for women and relax whilst silently building your English word-recognition vocabulary.